Plastic-Free Mini Round Hair Ties (12 pack)

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They may be small, but they are mighty! These Minis are anything but modest. Made in Japan with organic cotton and natural tree rubber, these little wonders are twice as strong as other biodegradable hair ties on the market, which is a major selling point for your customers. They are 100% Fairtrade, contain no plastic, and are zero-waste - a distinction that sets them apart from so many other hair accessory brands out there. And they look great, which makes for fun display possibilities.

KOOSHOO’s transparent supply chain and commitment to ethical and fair pay manufacturing have proven to be big draws for shoppers who want to spend their dollars on products made by companies who care about the whole world. They demanded it and we supplied it. This small silhouette has been around forever, but we’ve modernized it - big time!

Price is for a case with 10 identical units.

Looks Good
Color: Dark Hues

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• World’s first 100% plastic-free hair elastics for kids, thin hair, and braids
• Made from Plants
• Crafted from premium organic cotton and natural tree rubber
• Wide range of custom shades (to match your hair color or your mood)
• Over 3x stronger than your average hair tie
• Longer lasting for all-day (or all-night, all-workout) hold
• Gentle on hair
• Great for thin hair, toddler hair, braids, fun styles, you name it
• Unisex
• Eco-friendly
• Made in Japan
• Vegan

• Made 100% from plants
• Certified sustainably sourced organic cotton (59%)
• FSC Natural tree rubber certified by Fair Rubber Association (41%)

Made by an ethically-operated 4th generation family business in Japan. All products are dyed using low-impact dyes, a non-toxic fabric dye that has been certified as eco-friendly by Oeko-Tex with their Standard 100 label. Oeko-Tex is an international trademark with stringent standards for product safety and sustainability, so you can be sure any dyes with the Standard 100 label are completely devoid of harmful substances.

They asked, we answered! By popular demand, we have reinvented the hair tie, yet again. The look, feel and function our customers love, with none of the negative. These plastic-free Round Minis have come full circle. And we’re hair for it!

Made of organic cotton and natural tree rubber, these new additions to the KOOSHOO family are a modern twist on a style we know. Ethically sourced and biodegradable, they may be tiny but they’re big on style and function.

Good for the planet, good for the hair - these babies will not back down. They hold styles longer and keep their shape and stretch. There is nothing small about the love your customers will have for these little wonders.

Biodegradable materials are, by nature, capable of being broken down and returned to the soil - eventually. KOOSHOO products are created in a way that makes them durable, strong and high performance, but they’re still plant-based materials, which means they will wear down (just as intended) - but proper care can extend their life. To maximize longevity, avoid storing them in direct sunlight, stretching them while wet, or letting oils and hair products linger on them.

Wash your KOOSHOO Hair Ties with like colors in cold water and lay flat to dry. Good as new.

MINIMUMS - free shipping
•USA: $119 USD
•CAN: $135 CAD
•AUS: $160 AUD
•International (ships from US): $250 USD

• 100% plastic-free using 100% recycled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper shipping materials (including paper tape!)
• Australian orders ship in certified home-compostable shipping bags
• All products are shipped sustainably via one of our warehouse partners near you

We want you and your customers to love our accessories as much as we do! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we’ll help you out. You can reach out to us at ; your success is our success!

LOOKS GOOD... store and in hair

Sure they work, but they’re cute too! Whether displayed front and center in your boutique or adding a pop of colour out in the world, these tiny round ties will get noticed. Available in shades for days (and nights!), these babies are packaged in the cutest way and tell a story that customers love to hear and share. They’re pretty much the perfect piece.


fashion favourite

They look good, really good. And the familiar shape in a smaller size allows for a whole new set of hairstyles - from petite pigtails to a bunch of braids. They also make a statement. Not just about style (though they have that in spades…) but also about the world you want to see. Who knew a tiny little hair tie could symbolize so much? Well, we did - and now your customers will too! These little hair ties are a big deal!


well rounded from all angles

People are loving the Minis for so many reasons - but let’s start with the biggest one: Every plastic hair tie ever used is still fully intact somewhere on the planet (landfills and oceans, we’re looking at you!) We decided we had to create a better version of the familiar shape to help transition the world to a sustainably sourced, zero waste option! They’re made in Japan with organic cotton, toxin-free dyes, and via a transparent and environmentally mindful supply chain that uses fair labour practices that uplift the community. Mini Rounds are the biggest thing to happen to hair accessories, well, ever!


stronger for longer

Perfect for small intents and purposes - thin hair, baby braids, petite ponies, toddler tresses, kids’ cuts, TikTok trends, this small silhouette has been around forever, but we’ve modernized it - big time! While other hair ties are designed to be disposable, the Minis are built to last, because that’s what people want and the planet needs. 

And these babies work! They hold styles without slipping (or headaches!), they are over twice as strong as any other eco-conscious hair ties on the market, they’re softer on hair, and they make a big impact on small jobs! Parents have been asking for a product designed for kids’ skinny strands and tiny tresses! With your help, we will create some really happy families.

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