Meet the Family

Hi, we’re Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers and
founders of KOOSHOO. Lovely to meet you.

KOOSHOO was founded for a simple reason: to help others feel good. That includes everyone from the individuals growing the crops right through to you, the end consumer. We achieve this by operating our business with the core values of honesty, transparency and love.

Our immediate family may be small - the two of us plus Jack in Sales, Claire in Marketing, Cami on Social Media and Gen in PR - but our extended family is made up of talented individuals around the world.

We are dedicated to finding and working alongside ethical and sustainable companies in the fashion industry. This has led us to work with family businesses in LA and India that weave, dye,
cut, sew and package our products. It’s their beautiful work that brings these products to life.

Then there are the friends, new and old, with all their support and encouragement that make KOOSHOO what it is. This, of course, includes you. Thank you!

In Hawaiian there is a word for family called ohana. With 'ohana' it’s understood that family is there to help uplift each other so there is never anyone left behind. This is how we view KOOSHOO - as our Ohana - and for this reason we're proud to use Fair Trade certified garment facilities and organic cotton crops, ensuring workers throughout our supply chain are treated like family.

What does kooshoo mean?

KOOSHOO is the word that embodies what we‘re all about. It means feeling good in Norfuk, a language spoken exclusively by the people of Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific. As it happens. our co-founder Rachel is a proud Norfolk Islander.

Rachel has since moved to Canada though Norfolk lsland remains a constant in our hearts (see the family home built by Rachel and Leiloni's father on Norfolk). Back on Norfolk kooshoo is used in many different woys though perhaps the most common is as part of a greeting:

Wut a way you? (Hi, how are you?)
Kooshoo, you? (feeling good, yourself?)
Here at KOOSHOO HQ we have built our business around a simple question: "does this feel kooshoo?" In other words, every time we make a decision we ask ourselves "is this in support of the greater good?" To see how this questioning has influenced our production line decisions, check out the "The KOOSHOO Way of Business" diagram below.

As for using the word kooshoo, next time someone asks how you're doing, try answering with 'kooshoo', and if you‘re not already feeling kooshoo, you will find after saying it enough times you will start to feel its positive effects! If anything like us, you may just find yourself with a new favorite word.

The KOOSHOO Way of Business

think good, feel good, create good, share the goodness

organic & natural

Kooshoo (feeling good) is sourcing the finest GOTS certified organic cottons in the world. No synthetics, no pesticide-heavy cottons, only the best natural materials. It's caring for your skin, the families and communities growing crops, and our planet.

fair wages

Kooshoo is supporting fair wage jobs. We design and sample in Canada, then make and distribute our products with fair trade partners. Best of both worlds: sustainable jobs being created and quality-first products for you, our end customer.

solar powered

Kooshoo is working with environmentally conscious suppliers, including a solar powered dye house in Los Angeles, GOTS organic certified dye house in India, GOTS certified organic cotton growers and FSC & NAPM approved packaging printers.

ethically operated

Kooshoo is partnering with companies like our Fair Trade certified social-good garment manufacturer - a facility owned and operated by nuns. This partner uses company profits to fund a cancer treatment center for those without access to care.

hand dyed

Kooshoo is believing in artisans and supporting rare techniques like hand dyeing, vegetable dyeing and block printing. These incredible textile artists bring your 100% unique KOOSHOO products to life through color and pattern.

giving to charity

Kooshoo is donating product and profit to charity because we believe in business as a vehicle to uplift. Almost every day we send out product to support charities in meeting their funding and giving goals. Thank you for being a part of this positive change!


– live your dreams –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
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