“My Highly Virtuous Week Without Plastic. I use: organic hair ties (they have a really good spring)”

“KOOSHOO creates good hair elastics, free of plastic and 100% biodegradable. The products are made of organic cotton and have many colors, all beautiful.”

“The 9 Best Workout Headbands That Actually Stay Put. Best Eco-Friendly: Kooshoo Twist Headband. The super-soft, easy-to-wear twist headband is a favorite for yoga, pilates, and hiking. I also love their hair-friendly scrunchies and hair ties.”

“5 Sustainable E-Marketplaces to Shop Now. We’re fans of the plastic-free hair ties by Kooshoo. Going green and doing good all in one spot.”

“Skip the Plastic: 10 Easy Ways to Green Your Gym Routine. Hair ties are proof that plastic can sneak up on us in the tiniest ways, but these are made of organic cotton and are totally plastic-free.”

“Best clean items on the market. These organic hair ties have garnered a 5-star rating on the brand’s site and a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. The natural fibers are gentle on your hair and reviewers say the ties are sturdy and flexible”

"Eco-Friendly Updates You Can Easily Make to Your Hygiene Routine: Plastic-free ties are also better for your hair, since they're softer and won't tug or create friction. Plus, as these Kooshoo Plastic Free Hair Ties prove, they're pretty cute, too.”

“The 10 Best Outdoor Mothers' Day Gifts of 2020. Unlike traditional synthetic materials that only break down leaving microplastics behind, Kooshoo hair ties are constructed with natural tree rubber and organic cotton, which are 100 percent biodegradable.”

“Sasha Finds: Hair Ties. I’m telling you these are the best I've ever used. I mean, that’s all I really need to say. They check off everything on my list and more because beyond their high-level performance, Kooshoo is also making an important impact on our planet.”

“​​Our testers were pleasantly surprised by the performance of this eco-friendly hair tie. With this, I only needed to wrap it around my hair twice and everything stayed in place.”

“The coolest thing about these beauties is that they are good for the environment. Kooshoo Organic Scrunchies are made plastic-free, meaning they are built to be in your hair, not in a landfill.”

“10 Sustainable Back to School Supplies. Compostable scrunchies. Pull your hair back with these 100 percent compostable scrunchies. They’re equal parts stylish and good for Mother Earth.”

“​​These handy accessories tick all the boxes for ethics and eco-friendliness. A collection of high-end hair accessories that stand head and shoulders (quite literally) above their competitors. I've been using the ties for over three years now and love them.”

Green Matters Kooshoo

“I’m a personal fan of Kooshoo for keeping my hair in place. The company makes hair ties and scrunchies that are plastic-free, organic, fair-trade certified, and hand-dyed in ethical and solar-powered conditions.”

“How to Make the Switch to a Zero-Waste Hair Care Routine. Opt for Eco-Friendly Hair Ties. Kooshoo is by far the most recommended brand, so if you need eco-friendly hair ties and more, start there.”

“I'm a Fashion Editor Whose Beauty Routine Is Totally Plastic-Free. Sorry, Kermit, it actually is easy being green. Organic Hair Ties. ​​Bet you hadn't thought about this one! Try these cotton hair ties that not only look better than a junky elastic, but are less damaging on the hair.”