KOOSHOO was founded by Rachel Evans and Jesse Schiller, Vancouver based yoga teachers who believe they can make a positive difference in the world. To do so, they created KOOSHOO and today design products to accessorize their lifestyle, making them in the most conscious way they can. 

What makes KOOSHOO different

  • All products have been designed to celebrate our innate individuality as human beings. That means, you wear the product the way only YOU can and not the other way around. No more being typecast by your outfit - it's time to celebrate YOU
  • All products were designed to be worn on and off the mat. Fashionable enough for a night on the town and functional enough for the hottest of hot yoga classes. 
  • Hand made in Los Angeles with lots of love. KOOSHOO has partnered with small, privately run fabric suppliers, dye houses and production facilities to ensure that each product receives the care and commitment it deserves. In turn, KOOSHOO ensures that each supplier is treated with the same care and commitment.
  • Only natural and organic materials are used. Enough with the hype around super-fibers - that's just fancy marketing-speak for synthetics. Nature's products perform just as well or better! Besides, why wear petrochemicals against your skin when you can wear incredibly soft and moisture-wicking organic cotton?
  • We all have the ability to change the world for the better. KOOSHOO is proud to partner with Karma Teachers, a not-for-profit yoga studio that works with homeless youth, people with eating disorders and autistic children, among several other worthy groups. KOOSHOO donations help support free yoga classes for everyone. 
What does KOOSHOO mean?
  • The word KOOSHOO means "feeling good" in Norfolk, the language of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific. Rachel, our co-founder, and Leilani, our Designer, both grew up on the small sub-tropical paradise known best in history as the final landing point of the Mutineers on the Bounty. The language is a hybrid of Tahitian and Old English. On Norfolk one will typically be greeted by: "Wataweih yorli?" meaning, "Hi, how are you?" to which most respond, "Kooshoo", meaning "feeling good". Feel free to appropriate the language into your daily life :)


KOOSHOO founders at Mount Everest

KOOSHOO founders, Rachel & Jesse, at Mount Everest in Nepal