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Posted on September 05, 2013 by Jesse Schiller | 3 comments

The Tangerine HU headband reflecting Kythira's setting sun during class

The world works in beautiful, mysterious ways. 

Ever found that when you need a sign of what to do next one will appear? Or that truly by asking from the heart for something - asking the universe that is - you receive it? 

It doesn’t always work just like that. From my experience at least, asking for that stunning seaside home hasn’t materialized yet (it's in the works) but the things that you really need – those intangibles of love, support and inspiration are actually there whenever you need them. And sometimes the more tangible, like Gabby Bernstein wearing KOOSHOO, will of course manifest as well :)


We just finished an incredible yoga teacher training here in Greece on the island of Kythira. One of the recurring themes of my practice over the training was a desire to let go of wanting to control the direction of my life.

As the week drew to a close I set for myself an intention: I will stop forcing my way through life; rather I will be remain open to whatever comes my way. That’s not to say I won’t work my tail off, it’s simply to say that I will be open to those signs as they present themselves, moving in the flow of least resistance.

Since I made that commitment Sunday, two remarkable things have occurred.

First, we were gifted money.

With our inspiration tanks full, care of our yoga teacher training with Semperviva, we made a big decision: rather than travel another 2 weeks as planned, we would return to Vancouver immediately to re-immerse in KOOSHOO.

To do this we would need to change our tickets home.

We called Air Canada and were told that there would be a fee of $313 to change our tickets. Nearly resigned to this fate, we fell back on the greatest travelling question in the world: is this the best you can do? After a moment’s silence, Alinda, the wonderful Air Canada representative, replied “let me see what I can do”.

20 minutes later Alinda returned, stating “I have good news”. She went on to inform us that she’d made some arrangements and would refund ½ of the fuel surcharges that we owed. Those surcharges amounted to $495.

Suddenly, instead of being $313 in the red, we were being PAID $182 to change our itineraries.

In case it wasn’t already clear, there was now no doubt we were meant to head back to Vancouver early to get back to KOOSHOO. Thank you Universe!

Then another serendipitous moment today.

The earliest we could book our return flight to Vancouver was 6 days after we made our decision to return to Vancouver. After much deliberation, we chose to rent an apartment in a quiet neighbourhood of Athens via AirBnB.

The airy little apartment is in a lovely Greek neighbourhood a short metro ride from the famed Acropolis that sits at Athens’s centre. It’s in an authentic Greek neighbourhood – no tourists and very few locals who speak English. In other words, it’s perfect!

Early this afternoon we decided to take a break from our work to walk to the supermarket for some healthy snacks. Normally this is a very peaceful experience, meandering through narrow, mostly empty streets. But today was altogether different.

We descended the 4 stories from our apartment and emerged through the front door to find that a full-fledged market had set up on our doorstep overnight. This wasn’t simply a few local stalls; rather, vendors from all over Greece had made the trip to our doorstep to sell their fresh-picked fruits, vegetables, fish and olives. And the market went on for blocks and blocks, bustling with life and vibrancy that would have been impossible to fathom yesterday.

A panorama of the scene from our front door

As far as we were concerned, our want for some fresh food and a short walk to the supermarket had literally manifested as one of the most beautiful markets we’ve ever visited right on our doorstep.

Best yet, as the only tourists in sight, there was no haggling, no gamesmanship. The locals treated us as guests, heaping grapes, lemons and greens upon us as gifts. We returned with a bounty of local goodness that we can only hope to consume in our final 3 days.

Returning to the street now, just hours later, there is no trace of the magic that existed there only hours ago. It’s as though we had dreamt up all the incredible smells, colors and tastes. But alas, we have our bounty to prove that not only was it there, but that our commitment to letting go and trusting that the universe will provide is well and truly giving back.

Photo from our doorstep, only hours later and no sign of the magical market
Our bounty and only proof that the market did indeed exist

Would love to hear any stories you have where you been rewarded for letting go and allowing life to present just what you needed next?


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  • Claire

    What a great story you two and exactly what I needed to be reminded of at the moment. I leave this blog with trust in the courage to remain open to whatever comes my way instead of trying to force it. Feeling Kooshoo and sending lots of love to you both. xo

  • Dana

    LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing. “Magic” is always present!

  • Smoph

    That fresh food looks great guys! Lucky ducks!

    Look forward to seeing you back in Vancouver soon.


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