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yoga headbands by KOOSHOO

Reason number 101 for living your dream and starting your own business: getting to work with amazing, like-minded souls from around the world.

Customers, wholesale partners and suppliers – we have been blessed to meet incredible new friends at every level. Today however, this post is dedicated to that second group: the wonderful, community-uplifting wholesale partners that we feel so fortunate to work with.

Over the next few months we'll be dedicating a post to each of our wholesale headband, shawl and hairtie partners - the yoga studios, spas and lifestyle stores that are helping people feel good all around North America. 


To lead things off, allow us to introduce you to Bound Lotus Meditation & Yoga Centre in North Vancouver, BC. 

Located just off lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver, Bound Lotus opened its doors in September of 2011 and has gained a dedicated and growing clientele of yogis from around Vancouver. Specializing in kundalini yoga and meditation though offering a range of classes like yin, restorative and hatha practices, the studio has been a go-to studio for us since day one. The wonderful community feeling that the studio offers is a lovely added benefit! 

It’s also one of the studios that we’re fortunate enough to be teaching at. Rachel teaches meditation and kundalini every Sunday morning at the studio and I occasionally have the fortune of subbing a hatha class there. 

One of the ways the studio sets itself apart is it's outside the box thinking. Recently the studio hosted an innovative 40-day Yoga Transformation challenge. A twist on the traditional 40 day yoga challenge that has become common in yoga studios, this challenge split the 40 days into four 10 day segments where classes focused on "Waking up", "Clearing out", "Detoxifying" and then building "Strength and Balance". They even partnered with Buddha-Full, a nearby restaurant and juice-bar to provide their yogi's with daily fresh juices to correspond to the different segments. The response was overwhelming from those that participated and the studio will soon be following up with a new Transformation challenge. 

KOOSHOO is featured both at the entrance of the studio as well as in the boutique. It's a great set-up where one can find custom Bound Lotus clothing, yoga books and manuals, candles, essential oils, gorgeous hand-made crystal necklaces and even some very special one-of-a-kind pieces. Below we've included a few photos of KOOSHOO's yoga headbands, shawls and hairties in the boutique. 

Big thanks to Bound Lotus and it's wonderful community of yogi's for all the love and support with KOOSHOO. Seeing all the beautiful and radiant yogis feeling good in their KOOSHOO products is one of the great joys of this business.

hand dyed shawl tied as a shirt by KOOSHOO 

Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful I Am

wholesale headbands by KOOSHOO

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