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Posted on March 21, 2013 by Jesse Schiller | 2 comments

blue headband for men

This week we received a lovely email from a customer explaining how she uses her headband to cover roots as they grow in. It wasn’t the first time we’d heard of creative ways of using KOOSHOO products so we thought this was a great opportunity to share some of our favorite stories. But first, a little background on how they came to be the versatile products that they are...

The original idea for KOOSHOO came as a direct result of our jobs as yoga teachers. Unable to find organic and fashionable headbands amidst the many synthetics that dominate the headband market, we set out to create the perfect yoga headband as much for ourselves as for the world.

We each had personal requirements of the headbands. For Rachel, as a kundalini yoga teacher, it was important that the headbands cover the crown when opened fully. A head covering in kundalini yoga is believed to protect against headaches and facilitate deep meditation. For me personally, as a hatha yoga teacher that teaches both gentle and hot classes, breathability and sweat-wicking were paramount. 

In other words, from the onset creativity and versatility were two of our primary design objectives. 

We spent nearly a year testing different natural materials in various styles before choosing to move forward with the headbands, shawls and hairties that are now receiving glowing reviews from happy owners around the world.

Now that you have the inside scoop on why KOOSHOO came to make headbands in the first place, let's get into some of the creative ways they're being used around the world. Below are 7 of our favorites... 

1. The Sweat Wicking Sun Protector 

hiking headbands, headband for sun protection

There's some solace to be taken while waiting out a rainy Canadian winter in seeing photos and stories come in from new friends in warm, sunny places loving their KOOSHOO headbands. Turns out that a lovely side benefit of headbands for kundalini that cover the crown is that they also act as sun protection and minimize moisture loss in hot climates (like Ethiopia in the photo above). 

2. The "Day Two Hair" 

beautiful head scarves

One of my personal favorite stories was recounted to me the other day by a happy customer, saying that her ENSO headband is the perfect solution to “day two hair”.  Perhaps you’re already familiar with the term but it was new to me! Turns out “day two hair” is that second day after you’ve washed and styled your hair and are now looking for a much simpler yet still-beautiful solution. Also great for  "day two hair" are our shawls done up as turbans, meditation hoods or Audrey Hepburn-esque head scarves

3. The Sleep Mask

headband as an eye mask

It turns out the super soft organic cotton we use for all our headbands makes for a perfect eye mask. Whether on a plane and keen for some shut-eye or resting in a delightful, well-earned savasana, the headbands doubling as eye masks have been helping many find peace when they need it most.

4. The Origami Play-Time

organic cotton skinny headbands

Origami for creatives. The AUREA headband has a handy little knot that ensures that the headband can be sized for any head. When undone, the extra material from the knot can be retied origami-style to include flowers, bows or whatever else your origami skills can handle. 

5. The Ear Warmer
Turns out the organic cotton we use is not just supremely breathable as a hot yoga headand, it’s also wonderfully insulating in cold climates. Since we began selling product last fall, we’ve heard from a number of happy and warm individuals (like the tweet above) how they love using their KOOSHOO headbands to cover ears and keep warm on cool winter days.
6. The Bandeau

bandeau tops for women

Bandeaus. Yep, that’s right. Can’t say I saw this one coming but when in need of a tan-friendly top on a hot sunshiny day, the HU headband, along with its convenient straps, makes for a beautiful one-size-fits-most bandeau top. Bring on summer!

7. The Perfect Beach Cover Up, Sarong, Pareo and Wrap

pareo, sarong, beach cover-up, beach wrap, wrap-around

Elegant shawls by night becoming gorgeous beach sarongs by day! One of our most popular Facebook posts was of the Dawn Shawl being worn as a beautiful, flowing top. We’ve since seen and heard from happy shawl owners on beaches around the world wearing their shawls as beach cover-ups, sarongs and pareos.  


Have you found a creative use for your KOOSHOO product not mentioned above? If so, we’d absolutely love to hear (and see) about it. Please leave a comment below or send us a photo via email at connect@kooshoo.com.  

Happy creating!  

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    Thanks for the comment Jules :)

    Could end up with a pretty cool looking Jackson Pollock inspired headband!

  • Jules

    it’s also great for covering your hair while you’re painting ceilings!


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