Organic Yoga Headbands

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Yoga requires concentration and a neutral mind so it likely comes as no surprise that one of the most common challenges that people face while doing yoga is keeping hair from falling in their face, thus disrupting their focus.

yoga headband made from organic cottonA great solution to this distraction is the use of headbands and hairties. Currently the market for headbands and hairties is dominated by synthetics which are made from petrochemicals. Many of these synthetics cause skin irritation and feel plastic-like on the head. Additionally, these synthetics will not break down over time, resulting in the un-yogic problem of leaving waste for generations to come.

The perfect solution to this conundrum is the emergence of organic cotton head shawls, yoga headbands and hair elastics. Not only do these incredibly soft headband options solve the skin-irritation and plastic issues, they will also biodegrade back into the earth within our lifetime.

Typically organic yoga headbands are made out of organic cotton and natural rubber and only occasionally include a synthetic like spandex for additional stretch. These organic cotton yoga headbands keep the hair out, are often more fashionable than their synthetic contemporaries and, as they’re made out of organic materials, will keep you feeling close to nature.

What distinguishes organic cotton from conventional cotton is the use of pesticides in the growing process. Pesticides are known carcinogens (cancer-causing) and when applied to conventional cotton crops not only rub off on the workers cultivating the land but also seep into the water table of the local community. According to the World Health Organization it’s believed that 20,000 die annually as a direct result of pesticide use. Organic cotton, by contrast, is grown without pesticides and instead relies on crop cover strategies and rotation to stay healthy. 

yoga headband KOOSHOO is a company pioneering the way in the production of organic headbands and accessories. All our yoga headbands are made from a mixture of organic cotton and eucalyptus tree derived Tencel, one of the cleanest man processed materials in the world. The products are cleverly designed to each be worn in several beautiful ways and because they lack synthetics, will never cause irritation or distraction in your yoga practice.

The company’s founders are yoga teachers so the products are commonly referred to as yoga headbands, yoga hair ties and yoga shawls; however, the product’s benefits extend far beyond the yoga mat. They are ideal sport headbands and fashion headbands, having gained acclaim with fashion celebrities like Gabby Bernstein, celebrated New York Time’s Bestselling author of May Cause Miracles.

The time has come that fashion headbands, sports headbands and yoga headbands are held to a higher accountability. With fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel available, it only makes sense that the market evolves towards fashionable organic cotton headbands, hairties and shawls that have all the benefits of conventional synthetic products without the irritation or long-term impact on our earth. 

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