90 People Get the Gift of Yoga

Posted on November 12, 2012 by Jesse Schiller | 0 comments

Yoga Clothing Brands

This weekend KOOSHOO introduced itself to the wonderful yogis of Vancouver at the Vancouver Yoga Show. We were met with high fives, smiles and a lot of love. Now we get to pass the love forward!  

Before doing so, a bit of context:

We’re proud of so much when it comes to KOOSHOO but perhaps tops amongst our list is the fact that for every product purchased through KOOSHOO, a free yoga class is being gifted to someone in need. In other words, you’re not only buying a rockin’ headband, hairtie or shawl, but you’re giving a very special experience to someone who otherwise could not afford it.  

This opportunity is entirely grace of Karma Teachers, a not-for-profit studio based in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, the poorest postal code in Canada. Karma Teachers is a collective of teachers who provide free (or by donation) classes to their community’s constituents.  
Their doors are open to everybody though their focus is with those that cannot afford the experience otherwise. Much of their inspiring work has been with homeless youth, people with eating disorders and children with autism. 

So it is with tremendous pride that we announce that 90 people will experience the gift of yoga grace of the awesome people that purchased a KOOSHOO product at the Vancouver Yoga Show. This gift alone has made all of the work that's gone into KOOSHOO worthwhile. A HUGE thank you to the first KOOSHOO product owners out there. 

If you’d like to get involved with the incredible work of Karma Teachers please get in touch with them here. They are always looking for volunteers, teachers and other forms of help in providing the programs they do.

Thank you for sharing your LOVE Vancouver. 

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