Shine Bright and You Allow Others to do the Same

Posted on September 02, 2014 by Jesse Schiller | 0 comments

I've met enough people now in my 31 years to know that living your dream life is indeed possible. In other words, I've met far too many people living the life of their dreams for it to simply be the luck-of-the-few. 

I'm reading a book right now by Deepak Chopra that focuses on our ability to create our own reality - our own dreams. He paints a much more compelling argument for why this is possible than I'm able to, so below is embedded a quick video on how we create the reality we want to experience:

What I love about Deepak's words and this quote from Marianne Williamson (a spiritual teacher and author), is that I've experienced the phenomenon that they're both alluding to.

I feel confident in saying that Rachel and I are living the lives of our dreams.

It's most certainly not a dream every day. We have our stresses, anxieties and all that "western" stuff we load upon ourselves; however I feel confident in saying we're not living small. We're out here pushing our own limits of comfort every single day. 

It turns out, other people have noticed too.

Over the past two years we've been approached by over 2 dozen entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to answer questions about how we've created our business and our lives. Sharing our experiences is a privilege that I deeply appreciate, partly because there are so many others who've done the same for us and partly because we get as much inspiration from the dreams and aspirations of others as they get from seeing us live ours. 

What's clear to me now, with the help of good-ol-retrospect, is that speaking with all the people I've admired in life and business over the years is what's helped me live the life of my dreams. By seeing others move from "playing small" to "shining their light" they've been instilling within me the confidence to do the same. 

With September now here and a new season clearly in the air, what better time than now to start shining your light brighter than ever.

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