Kickstarter Update Part Deux: 1/3 in Finishing, 2/3 Shipped!

Posted on June 21, 2014 by Jesse Schiller | 3 comments

Happy Summer Solstice friends (and of course, Happy Winter Solstice to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere). Wishing you all a wonderful season to come :) 

Writing this afternoon to provide an update on the latest happenings with the Kickstarter packages.

Since we last wrote (read the last Kickstarter update here) our teams in LA have been working exceptionally hard (coming in on weekends, staying late after hours...) to see these Journey Shawls made to the specifications required. They've done a phenomenal job. 

As a bit of background, there are 3 teams working on bringing these products to reality in Los Angeles. 


1) The Dye Team.

We wrote a piece on this very blog a few days ago about the incredible amount of work that goes into hand-dyeing our summer headbands (read it here) by our team at the solar powered dye house. The same dedicated, labor-intensive work (and then some) is required with these Journey Shawls. We`re thrilled to let you know that their hard work and attention to detail has paid off and the dyed shawls that we've seen come in are as beautiful as we could have imagined.


 The inner workings of our dye house, powered by sunshine
2) The Silkscreen Team.

Something that we haven`t spoken much about since the Kickstarter is the organic cotton travel bag that comes with every Journey Shawl. We developed this concept while we were living in Bali this past winter (where we launched the Kickstarter from) but truth be told, when it was added to the Kickstarter packages we had not sourced any of the components to make it a reality in Los Angeles. 

Making the bags was therefore one of our first priorities when it came to the manufacturing process and, having just received the first production-run bags 10 days ago, the new endeavor was definitely worth it. The material is a beautiful woven blend of organic cotton (50%), hemp (30%) and recycled polyester (20%) that feels sturdy and precious to the touch and is sure to last you a lifetime.

We then hooked up with a partner we hope to work with on a number of projects to come, a silk-screening team right in downtown Los Angeles, to apply the positive affirmation. "I am Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful." Here`s a video the team shot while they were screen-printing. We are super happy with how they turned out. They are super sharp and clean! 
The finished Organic Cotton Travel Bag for your Journey Shawl


3) The Cut, Sew and Finishing Team. 

The heart and soul of our LA operations is a mother-son run business - Mom oversees production, Son oversees business operations - that has become an extension of our own family. This is the team that takes both the dyed Journey Shawls and silk-screened bags and sews them into the finished accessories that ship to you. This is also the team that has been actively putting in overtime to make up time lost by the unusable faulty fabric. We couldn`t be more proud - and grateful - of the great work they`re doing. 


Now for the update...

As of writing the first two teams have finished all of their jobs - the shawls have all been dyed and the bags have all been silk-screened. Two weeks ago our Cut & Sew team finished the Black, White and Grey Journey Shawls and 9 days ago, after a marathon of postcard writing (a great gratitude exercise, by the way), all packages containing one of those shawls began shipping.

The Works packages, each with personally written postcard, ready for their new homes
We're shipping to 22 countries worldwide for this Kickstarter

As for the Blue and Purple Journey Shawls, they are currently in the last stages of finishing and we anticipate that they will begin shipping late this coming week. 

Overall 2/3 of the Kickstarter packages have now shipped and we're very excited to get the remaining packages out as soon as possible. Please know that getting you your Kickstarter package is our foremost priority and together with our incredible teams in LA, we're working to make this a reality as soon as possible. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding. 

We're so happy to be receiving photos and comments from Backers opening their KOOSHOO packages!

Here is a full breakdown of where each package now stands:

  1. Package 1 (thank you postcard +  Balinese Wish Bracelet): SHIPPED

  2. Package 2 (thank you postcard + Balinese Wish Bracelet + LILA hairties): SHIPPED

  3. Package 3 (thank you postcard + Balinese Wish Bracelet + Headband): SHIPPED 

  4. Package 4 (thank you postcard + Balinese Wish Bracelet + Headband + LILA Hairties): SHIPPED 

  5. Package 5 (thank you postcard + Balinese Wish Bracelet + 2 Headbands + LILA Hairties): SHIPPED  

  6. Package 6 (1 Journey Shawl): 
    1. Black, White & Grey Journey Shawls: SHIPPED
    2. Blue & Purple Journey Shawls: Shipping begins June 27th

  7. Package 7 (2 Journey Shawls):
    1. Packages containing 2 of Black, Grey or White Journey Shawls: SHIPPED
    2. Packages containing at least 1 Purple or Blue Journey Shawl: Shipping begins June 27th

  8. Package 8 (thank you postcard + Balinese Wish Bracelet + Headband + LILA Hairties + 1 Journey Shawl):
    1. Packages containing Black, White or Grey Journey Shawls: SHIPPED
    2. Packages containing Blue or Purple Journey Shawls: Shipping begins June 27th

  9. Package 9 (5 Journey Shawls): Shipping will start June 27th

If you have any questions that have not been answered in the piece above please send me an email, jesse@kooshoo.com, and I'd be happy to follow up. 

Thank you for all your support and hope to see you out and about in your KOOSHOO products this summer. 

In gratitude, 

Jesse & Rachel 

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  • Joiedevivre

    Hi Jesse and Rachel, thank you for my blue Journey shawl which I received yesterday morning. It is beautiful. Jo

  • Raewyn

    Well done all, you have done a mighty job producing such a beautiful product, can,t wait to see mine xxx Raewyn

  • Tara tait

    Congratulations on seeing all of this through into fruition and finding your way around the road blocks successfully. I’m excitedly awaiting my shawl.
    With Gratitude


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