5 Reasons to Get Excited about the KOOSHOO Kickstarter

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Jesse Schiller | 2 comments

This morning we launched a Kickstarter campaign to take KOOSHOO to the next level. Central to the campaign is a product that we're immensely proud of - a gorgeous, hand-dyed shawl that can be worn as 12 or more outfits. We've called it The Journey Shawl as it's sure to become a trusted companion on all of life's journeys.

In addition to the points in the image below, what follows are 5 reasons to be pumped about this Kickstarter:


1. Giving Fast Fashion the Finger

Fast fashion is taking fashion from concept to sales in as little time and for as little cost as possible. The end result may feel good on our wallets but a wake of harm and waste is being left in its path. Inevitably the repercussions of these decisions will catch up to us. It certainly has already for the far off communities tasked with building those products

This is exactly why we started KOOSHOO – to be everything the opposite to what fast fashion is.

One stat in particular is most relevant to this Kickstarter: it’s estimated that with the rise of fast fashion the average American is now throwing away 68lbs of clothing and textiles a year! That’s a LOT of clothing that is likely being bought cheap, worn a few times and then tossed into a landfill (keep in mind synthetics will take at least a 1000 years to break down!).

We soundly believe that the real future of fashion lies with consciously-designed, well made, versatile products. Versatility means our clothing and accessories work in more situations. In turn, this means we need less clothing and accessories.

Our Journey Shawl is has been designed to be exactly that: exceptionally well made, stunning and super versatile. 

2. Made with Love. So Much Love. 

We first began development work on the Journey Shawl one year ago. Where food has fast food and a growing movement towards slow food, fashion has fast fashion and a similarly growing movement to slow fashion. We are firmly planted in the latter category.

Slow fashion is designing with care and consideration for the long term. It’s building quality, versatility, useability and beauty into a product in a way that they all harmoniously work together. It’s what makes products more than disposable products. It’s what makes that special piece of clothing in your closet that you simply couldn't do without. 

The Journey Shawl has been on quite a journey to get here – from what began as rounds of prototype testing a year ago, to rounds of dye sampling more recently. It’s with a ton of pride that we introduce this product to you with this Kickstarter. We've never worked so hard to get something right as we have with this item. 

We hope you love them as much as we do.

3. Tested and True

For the past few months we’ve been the proud owners of the world’s first ever Journey Shawls. They’ve travelled everywhere we have (lots of places - currently Bali, Indonesia) and quickly become exactly what we designed them to be: indispensable.

Designed to be a piece that spices-up any outfit or become the outfit, we can now say with certainty that we met and exceeded the design objective. We love everything about these products and the compliments along the way have been a nice little cherry on top.

4. Hand Made in America

Individually dyed by an artist’s hand right in downtown L.A. Yep, made by hand in America! We love that instead of outsourcing overseas in search of the lowest cost, we’ve been able to not only create jobs but also promote hand crafts in America. Oh, and did we mention the dyeing is taking place in the world’s only 100% solar powered dye house!

Every piece as beautiful and unique as you!

5. Being Part of Something Greater

By supporting our Kickstarter you will be receiving some very special, beautiful products.

But on a deeper level you will also be casting a vote for a better way of doing business. There are so many amazing businesses out there making cool products in a way that respects the earth and the people affected along the way. Sure they may cost a little more but by supporting businesses that are transparent and honest, like us, you are encouraging others (even the big guys) to take notice and do things differently.

Power to the people!


Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest feeds and head over to check out the Kickstarter for yourself: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1447416823/kooshoo-feeling-good-every-step-of-the-journey

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    Thanks Aynsley! Really appreciate the love and support. Going live shortly!

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    Cannot wait for the Kickstarter to begin !!!


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